Teens Who Are Into Excessive Gaming Need Strong Friendship

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 16, 2017 03:22 AM EST

Gaming can be fun for many people. Gaming can take off stress after a hard day. Some though are into gaming too much. Strong friendship is needed by teens who are into excessive gaming.

The teenage years can be a great time. It could also be a volatile time for some. A number of teens can go through a period of depression. This could actually be more accentuated if those teens are into too much gaming.

A study has shown that teens who are into much gaming might be suffering from gaming. However, reaching out to other people might help ease that depression. That could mean being on social media such as Facebook. This has been the findings of researchers from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Being heavy gamers in itself doesn't necessarily mean that the players are depressed. However, it could be a sign of depression. Michelle Colder Carras, Ph.D. is the lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Mental Health. She said that teens who play video games with their friends shouldn't be too much of a concern though.

Data from 2009-2012 from the Monitor Internet and Youth study has been used for the research. The data is a survey taken from 10,000 teens in the Netherlands, according to Science Daily. The survey has asked the participants how often they played video games and social media. The survey has also been used to find out if there is an addictive tendency among the participants.

Colder Carras has said that the survey could be used as basis for the situation in the United States. Video game addiction could be identified in different ways. Having online communication helps in curbing that tendency. Teens who are not active socially are more prone to loneliness and anxiety, which can lead to spending more time playing video games, as News Wise reports.

Video game addiction can be an issue especially for those who are lonely and depressed. Strong friendship is needed by teens who are into excessive gaming. VR is also taking off a NASA offers virtual tours.

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