Endangered Species Affected By What We Buy

People rarely think of endangered species when they buy things. Many people don't take too much time in thinking about endangered species. Yet endangered species are affected with what we buy in some way.

Many of what people use today can affect other species in some way. In nature species are interdependent on one another. Though humans have largely grown much more advanced than others, many societies in some way still have an interdependent relationship with the environment.

Daniel Moran is from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Keiichiro Kanemoto is from Shinshu University. Together they have developed a way that would identify threats to wildlife. Much of these threats have been brought about in some way because of the consumption made by humans. Through this technique they have created a map that shows where the threats are relative to each country.

6,803 species have been identified to be under threat due to human consumption. One example of human consumption has been made with how much the US consumes. The rate of consumption that the US generates could affect species in Southeast Asia and Madagascar as well as Europe.

By knowing how consumption affects species, governments and other groups can make measures that could protect species affected, according to Science Daily. Much of what people consume affect other species because of the materials needed to create those goods. Many of those materials are taken from areas where threatened species might be around.

The map made by the researchers could be valuable for governments and environmental groups. The map could be used as basis to find out how consumption in one area can affect species in another area, as News Wise reports. This then could help in adjusting the level of consumption in order to preserve another area.

Much of what humans do have an impact one way or the other on the environment. Even the consumption of humans have an impact. Endangered species are affected with what we buy in some way. A study shows that affordable water could become a crisis in the US.

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