Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Costs An Additional $70 But That's Not All

The Nintendo Switch pro controller is one component that is notably absent in the Switch bundle. At a sales price of $299.99, Nintendo received much criticism for releasing a product that is way overpriced. While there are some gamers who defended the company, it seems that the retail price for the Nintendo Switch is not the only problem -the hidden cost of the gaming device keeps on increasing that it seems that the critics have been right after all.

Nintendo Switch Bundle

What is included in the Nintendo Switch bundle? This is one question that many people are asking right now but the better question is what items are not included. The Nintendo Switch bundle includes the device and the Joy-Con controllers that come with the Grip attachment. However, the Grip attachment included in the bundle is just a black plastic shell and as noted by The Verge, this is different from the Joy-Con Charging Grip, which has a translucent shell just like the Pro Controller.

The Joy-Con Charging Grip will be available to consumers on March 3 and the release date for the accessory will coincide with the shipping date for the Nintendo Switch. Those who want to buy the Charging Grip need to pay an additional $29.99.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Another notable difference between the Nintendo Switch and other products from the company is the notable absence of the Pro Controller in the package. This controller has been widely marketed to be a great way to enhance the player's user experience.

Whether a player is utilizing the gaming console in tablet mode or as a home console, the Pro Controller would be useful. However, this Pro Controller is not included in the box. Someone who wants to buy Nintendo's new gaming console needs to shed out another $69.99 for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

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