Check Out All The Patches Coming To Star Wars Battlefront

By Ike Recio , Jan 17, 2017 11:32 AM EST

It's good news that EA will continue adding patches and updates to Star Wars Battlefront despite the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 this year, and a full list of updates has been revealed online. Aside from fixes on lighting problems and UI issues, buffs and nerfs have also been doled out to the game's playable heroes.

Fixes in General

According to the EA forums, there will be multiple adjustments to game modes as well as the weapons and star cards. Health on the AT-ATs has been adjusted depending on the maps, and their speed has also been fixed for Twilight on Hoth. R2-D2 will also not be affected by bacta bombs and medical droids, and the spawn points for the heroes on the Scarif maps have also been fixed.

The Sonic Imploder has also received some adjustments as the blast radius has been increased from two to four meters, and the damage has also been raised up from 90 to 100. TIE Strikers have also been tweaked with an explosion damage now at 10 (formerly five); projectile speed has also been fixed from 800 m/s to 100 m/s.

Hero Fixes

As for the fixes on the heroes, stun abilities can now be prevented for two seconds after a hero has been hit, however, this doesn't apply to specific stuns like Force Push and Force Choke. Buffs and nerfs have been doled out specifically for each hero like Darth Vader being able to use his Saber Throw while Force Choking, and Chewbacca having a longer Roar recharge time.

Some players have been complaining about Lando's capability on the battlefield (Lando users being dubbed as "Landouches"), and it's said that Lando will no longer be damaged by his Power Blast Explosion, and the ability now goes on a proper cooldown period after use. Bossk's microgrenades have also been given a reduced blast radius.

EA is doing good with its promise to keep updating Star Wars Battlefront. For the full list of updates and patches, click here.

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