Twitter Pulls The Plug On Vine

The popular six-second video service comes to an end as Twitter officially replaces the app with a pared down camera application. It was not too much of a shock since Vine already revealed the shut down last October 2016 and tweeted earlier in the month announcing that Tuesday, January 17, 2017, was the day the app would close to transition into a more direct part of the Twitter app.

The Vine app will morph into Vine Camera, an app that will still allow you to take your precious six-second looping vids and then either keep them to your camera roll or have them posted directly to Twitter. This means that any video under 6.5 seconds on Twitter will play endlessly whether it was posted directly to Twitter using the Vine Camera or from your camera roll.

Vine is also giving you the chance to download your old Vines. However, you have to do it in light speed as today is the last day for getting them. Users can download them from the website and mobile device users can get them through the iOS and Android apps. If you download via the website, the file will include an index.html file which should have your Vine captions, along with the number of likes, comments and revines your post received thankfully intact. If you download directly from the app, only the videos will be imported to your camera rolls without all the old info.

Users can still access their profiles as vanity URLs will still be live on the site. All of the uploaded Vines will continue to be housed on the website created clips can be viewed anytime over the years. Users need not worry as Vine will keep you updated if they work on any changes coming to the website.

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