Health Law Support Grows As People Fear Losing The Affordable Care Act.

Rallies are held across the country as more people come to defend the Affordable Care Act. Congressional Republicans and President-elect Donald Trump have accomplished what President Obama could not in his years in power. They have rallied support for the Affordable Care Act.

Congress is now being flooded by people who benefit from the law with testimonials. Republican lawmakers are being confronted by angry consumers. The Democrats are now defending the law as they see a tide of support washing over the Capitol by Americans marching to protest the repeal of the law that would leave them without insurance coverage.

Across the country, thousands of people have held rallies over the weekend to save the health care law. Last week, Republicans took a first legislative step to repeal the law. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts told a crowd outside Faneuil Hall in Boston that if the Republicans tried to rip health care out of the hands of millions of Americans, that they will fight them every step of the way.

Americans numbering 20 million have gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act's online insurance marketplaces or Medicaid's expansion, around 11.5 million have signed up for the marketplace plans or had automatic coverage for this year as reported in an article by The New York Times.

During a rally at the Capitol, members of Connecticut's congressional delegation told citizens to pressure Congress to reconsider the repeal. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said that this is not a lost fight. If they get rid of Affordable Care Act, they will also be gunning for Medicare, Medicaid and for Social Security. According to Murphy, this is where they draw the line in the sand.

Blumenthal, Esty, DeLauro, Courtney and Murphy urged the people to contact relatives, friends and neighbors to explain why they feel that the Affordable Care Act should not be repealed. According to Blumenthal, they need to mobilize an army of activists to raise the American awareness of what is at stake. He went on to call the repeal an act of war against women's health.

DeLauro approached the issue from an economic standpoint. He said that repealing the act would cause more wealth imbalance. He states that the repeal would give 400 of the richest families a tax cut of $7 million. He stated that millions of middle class working people will lose health care insurance while the rich stands to gain as reported in the Hartford Courant.

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