Clash Of Clans Update: Optional Patch And Two New Events Arrive

Supercell just released a "non-mandatory update" for Clash of Clans on Tuesday, removing the Winter Theme and adding some minor bug fixes. Although the said update is optional, players are advised to download it for a better gaming experience.

Clash Of Clans Optional Update Patch Notes

Supercell shared the patch notes of Clash of Clans update (v8.709.11 in the App Store or v8.709.16 in Google Play) via the company's  official forum. Aside from removing the Winter theme, it also corrects the displayed troop capacity in the Clan Castle icon and the displayed Spell capacity for CC levels one to six.

The Freeze Trap icon, which was previously shown when looking at the Town Hall level four to five upgrade screen, is also no longer present. The Clash of Clans update further includes crash fixes and memory optimizations. Moreover, upcoming events now show the duration.

Clash Of Clans Is Getting Another Event This Weekend

Speaking of events, iDigitalTimes reported that there are two promotions to take advantage of. First off is called the Jump Spell promo that decreases the Elixir cost from 23,000 to 2,300. This is already ongoing and it ends on Thursday.

The other one is the Wizard event that may kick off Saturday. Contrary to the aforementioned promotion, this Clash of Clans event might arrive with a challenge for the weekend. There might also be a discount on the cost of Wizards, but Supercell has yet to confirm the details.

The Wizard event is poised to be similar to the recent Golem event where Golems can be trained with a 90 percent Dark Elixir discount like in the Jump Spell. It also came with a multiplayer challenge, in which the player must win three matches with two Golems included in their troops.

Clash of Clans is a mobile game by Supercell that has amassed millions of users. It is available to play on iOS and Android.

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