Astrobiologists Finally Prove That Microbes Can Indeed Survive In Mars

There are nonstop evidences starting to show that Mars has indeed the capability to sustain living organisms. With today's technology, it will not be hart to decipher what has been and what could have been on Mars, along with what could live there possibly years from now, including Microbes.

Astrobiologists Claim That Microbial Life Could Definitely Exist And Survive In Mars

Microbes are defined to be a kind of microorganisms that could cause disease or fermentation. There have been reports that the Astrobiologists have said that microbes can survive even in the thin atmosphere of planet Mars. In addition to this, if the microbes are given the right opportunity to multiply in some areas on Mars where water could be existent, the microbial life could survive the conditions there. Since microbes are known to be able to survive in any environment on earth, an astrobiologist said there is no reason why it won't be able to survive on Mars.

MIcrobes To Exist On Mars Despite High Pressure Due To Thin Atmosphere

According to an astrobiologist Rebecca Mickol from the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences at the University of Arkansas, she was inspired by the discovery of methane on Mars. Since there are evidences that at some point, Mars may have been covered in rivers and other bodies of water, it could be possible that methane is produced biologically the same way as it is on Earth. Even though these information are still considered controversial ones and not really yet confirmed, it is more than enough to have added this to the experiment. Historically, methane is produced through volcanism. Thus its existence on Mars does not necessarily prove that there could be life there. However, it is a big accomplishment to have evidence of geological process in another planet.

There have also been reports that the team of Mickol were up against the claims that if water had existed on Mars at some point, it would be boiled away by the high pressure on Mars due to its thin atmosphere. They insisted that if microbial life existed on Mars, it would most likely be found beneath the surface. Thus, they still continue to experiment on these evidences up to this point.

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