Adrenaclick Offers Low-Cost Alternative To EpiPen Injection

Adrenaclick offers a much more affordable price, costing a sixth of the retail price of the EpiPen injection. CVS Pharmacy have released a generic version of Mylan's EpiPen just after months the Congress slammed the EpiPen makers for exorbitantly raising its prices. The version of the life-saving allergy treatment developed by CVS, Adrenaclick, costs only $109.99 compared to the $600 2-pack of EpiPen.

In addition to its low-cost price, the maker of Adrenalick, Impax Laboratories, also offers a coupon program in which qualified patients can avail additional price breaks and incentives. CVS Pharmacy "recognized that there was an urgent need in the marketplace for a less expensive epinephrine auto-injector for patients with life-threatening allergies," according to its President, Helena Foulkes. Interestingly, health insurance giant Cigna also declared that it will stop its coverage for Mylan's EpiPens since Adrenaclick offers a more affordable price, with CVS cutting the price of generic treatment more than half.

Parents and health workers rejoice over the release of Adrenaclick after they spent months passing petitions for the lowering of the price of EpiPen. Schools and parents of children who suffer from severe allergies often stock these treatments in case of emergency. The medicine is commonly used to stop anaphylaxis shock, a severe complication of allergy. the Reporter News says.

Some allergies have potentially fatal consequences from insect bites and stings, to food allergies from nuts and eggs. While Adrenaclick has some minor differences such as a distinct auto-injector needle system, it contains the same active ingredient, and is included with EpiPen emergency treatment for anaphylactic reactions, the Inquisitr says. "From a safety standpoint and efficacy standpoint, there's no difference [between the EpiPen and the generic]," Jonathan Spergel, an allergist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, says of the benefits that Adrenaclick offers.

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