Pokémon GO: 38 New Moves, Evolution Items and Shiny Pokémon May Soon Be Added Into The Game

By K.C , Jan 19, 2017 04:00 AM EST

The critically acclaimed mobile app Pokémon GO will soon get a major update that will bring back its crowning glory once again as dataminers from Silph Road, have unraveled new features including evolution items, more shiny and gender codes, and 38 additional moves. Here are the highlights of what they've found:

Pokémon GO: 38 New Moves

According to the article published by the Sillph Road, Niantic has released v.0.53.1 following the conclusion of holiday festivities. The new code (update) contains minor changes and fixes including the update on Apple Watch to display Eggs obtained from PokéStops and tweak distance tracking for more accurate GPS drift. But after further digging, the team has managed to uncover more things that are about to to be addded. One of them is the 38 New Moves which are listed down below:

New Quick Moves

New Charge Moves


Powder Snow

Charge Beam

Dragon Tail

Volt Switch


Struggle Bug

Iron Tail


Fire Spin

Bullet Seed



Air Slash


Dynamic Punch

Close Combat

Aurora Beam

Focus Blast

Wild Charge

Zap Cannon

Brave Bird


Sky Attack

Sand Tomb

Rock Blast

Night Shade

Silver Wind

Gyro Ball

Heavy Slam

Grass Knot


Energy Ball


Mirror Coat


Foul Play



Pokémon GO: Evolution Items

For those who don't know, certain Pokémon can only evolve when exposed to certain items (a.k.a Evolution Items). According to the dataminers, the Evolution items do not have graphic assets yet but their existence within the code confirms that we will soon be having new evolution mechanic. What more, may soon be seeing Porygon2, Bellosom, Steelix and Kingdra! Here are all the Evolution items found so far: Sun Stone, Metal Coat, Kings Rock, Dragon Scale and Upgrade.

Pokémon GO: More Shiny and Gender Code

During the previous APK versions, the team has already found a couple of code detailing Shiny status and genders for certain Pokémon. The good news is, v0.53.1 brought about more codes that support these variants which means that it's just a matter of time before we start seeing male, female and shiny Pokémon in the wild!

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