‘Nioh’ Gets A PvP Multiplayer Mode; Release Date For PlayStation 4 Announced

‘Nioh’ Gets A PvP Multiplayer Mode; Release Date For PlayStation 4 Announced
Team Ninja has revealed more features in the upcoming new game, "Nioh" and everyone are excited to try the new mode. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

With all the hype that “Nioh” has been getting nowadays, it is no surprise that the said new video game is getting all the attention and gamers around the world are actually anticipating for its release. Going through series of trials, more in-game features has been confirmed. Along with that, the official release date for the said game is finally out and about.

Nioh” is an upcoming samurai action video game that has been promoted as early as last year, with all the demos and new trailers it has been releasing from time to time. This time, it has been revealed that the said up and coming video game is getting a player versus player (PvP) mode and it will also be a multiplayer one. This latest addition to the game has gotten fans more excited for the game and are looking forward to more things that the developers can offer.

Director of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi has revealed that the player versus player (PvP) mode has been added after getting feedback from fans on a multiplayer mode. The simple skills that William, the main character, possessed as well as the in-game enemies, was set in the intent that a multiplayer mode was being considered. And after much thinking, Team Ninja has decided to go with it since they also wanted to cater to a variety of gamers who enjoyed different kinds of genres. Though the developers will have to follow up on more details pertaining the PvP mode, it will not be released along with the launch of “Nioh” instead it will be made available through an update that will be out for free after the game is out in the market.

Those who have tried out the alpha and beta demos of “Nioh” would notice the difference in the game. With its last trial version that will go live on Jan. 21, players will get a final look at the game and hopefully, they will be satisfied with it. Team Ninja has admitted that they have spurred “Nioh” into becoming a highly challenging action game similar to the gameplay of “Dark Souls”, “Bloodborne”, and even learning from the experiences gained through making “Ninja Gaiden 3”, which is a video game infamous for its difficult gameplay. Nevertheless, the developers have finally set on making “Nioh” a masochistic hardcore role-playing video game coupled with multiplayer modes that will boast of a gameplay mechanics that is not as easy as it looks.

Team Ninja went through a lot to develop “Nioh” into a video game that all players will appreciate, even releasing a couple of demo testing in 2016 to get feedback on the gameplay and to find out whether or not the said game will click with the public. After making several adjustments and even delaying its original release, “Nioh” will finally make its debut on Feb. 7 in North America. Sony has announced that this action role-playing video game set in early Japan with samurais and ninjas will be exclusively available for PlayStation 4.

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