Pokemon Go Guide: How To Avoid Gym Lockouts From GPS Drifting

By Sarene Mae Butao , Jan 20, 2017 04:30 AM EST

There are lots of issues encountered by players during gym battles in Pokemon Go since they are required to be outside and should be inside the radius. As a result, several trainers from cold weather countries experienced difficulties during winter season.

Apparently, there is a trick in order to keep players smashing gyms without stepping out from the doors of their cars. However, it is worth noting that this trick is almost similar to GPS spoofing. In addition, it can be considered as a substitute for GPS drifting issues during gym battle, where most players are receiving a message saying "You're too far."

According to the report from the popular anime blog site Otakukart, players will just need to do three simple steps in order to perform this trick. This trick would be beneficial for all players especially those who still have not discovered any solutions to the GPS Drifting issues. However, it is noted that the trick is not recommended to be used during summer since it would not be as fun as clashing with other trainers nearby.

As posted on the site, these are the three steps; first step is to enter a gym, next is to turn the GPS signal off and lastly, go back inside the car and start the battle. Meanwhile, it is completely unclear if some other players can be of help during gym battles using this tip. In addition, it is highly recommended not to use the trick all the time since there is a possibility to be labelled as GPS spoofing.

On other news, it seems like Niantic is increasing the gym radius in order for players to avoid being forced out due to GPS drifting issues. In addition, increasing its radius will not also require the players to enter the landmark just to have a gym battle since there lots of cases regarding trespassing previously.


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