Pokemon Go Update: Some Sorting Suggestions Niantic Should Look Into

Players living near the city often experience difficulties properly organizing their Pokemon in Pokemon Go since spawns are more frequent and it is somehow hard to sort which Pokemon to keep or not. As a result, it will cost players more time than usual especially when they are in a hurry.

According to the report from Otakukart, Niantic added several sorting options in Pokemon Go since the game went live last year. Currently, players can sort by Recent, Favorite, Number, HP, Name and Combat Power. However, several fans thought that there are still missing from the list.

Recently, several Pokemon Go players are actively throwing up suggestions intended for future Pokemon Go updates. Meanwhile, one Reddit user said that Niantic should consider adding another sorting option which allows players to sort their Pokemon by Type. By this method, it will be a lot easier for the players to locate their Pokemon based on their Type.

Based on the report, some of the players use certain type of Pokemon during Gym Battles. Rather than scrolling through their long list of Pokemon, it would be a lot faster and easier to navigate if sorting by Type implemented.

Meanwhile, Niantic is also finding ways to make the game better and exciting. Though these suggestions will only have a slight chance to be seen by Niantic, fans are still hoping that the developer will consider their opinion.

On other news, there are lots of exciting datamined information from the latest Pokemon Go APK. The version 0.53.1 has revealed new set of moves, evolution stones and a possible arrival of Unown Pokemon. As previously reported, all of its form are now found in the latest game code. However, there are no further details regarding how Niantic will handle the introduction of this Ancient Pokemon. Pokemon Go is available on both iOS and Android devices.


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