Scientists Searching For Life On Wolf 1061 Exoplanet

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 21, 2017 01:51 AM EST

With the universe so vast, the possibility of life on other planets is big. So far though the search for life on other planets has not been conclusive. Now scientists are searching for life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet.

Astronomers are focusing more on an area called the habitable zone around star systems. Such areas are where it is most likely life would be found. Astronomer Stephen Kane from San Francisco State University is doing just that. His focus is on the habitable zone in the Wolf 1061 star system.

The Wolf 1061 star system has been chosen because it is quite close to Earth. An exoplanet there called Wolf 1061c is of interest because it is within the habitable zone of the star system. Kane is working along with other researchers from Tennessee State University and Geneva, Switzerland to get a better view of the exoplanet there.

Wolf 1061c has been found to be close to the edge of the star system's habitable zone. It is likely to be at roughly the same position as Venus is the solar system. That might mean that the exoplanet has conditions that could be the same as that on Venus, according to SF State News.

Venus has a runaway greenhouse atmosphere now, in part because it is much closer to the Sun. The thick atmosphere there combined with its distance from the Sun has made its surface one of the hottest in the solar system. Kane speculates that the same might be happening on Wolf 1061c, as Science Daily reports.

Another factor being considered is the exoplanet's orbit. Its orbit has been found to change very fast, which could mean that its climate might be very chaotic. As of now most are only speculations about it, and Kane has said that more research would have to be made about the planet.

With a vast universe, many astronomers see a good chance of finding life in another planet. Scientists searching for life look on the Wolf 1061 exoplanet. Astronomers are also looking at Alpha Centauri for life there.

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