Aliens On Venus: UFO Hunters Found 'Massive Stationary Structure' On Venus

Alien enthusiasts claimed they have discovered a conclusive evidence of aliens on Venus. Images of Venus which shows a “massive stationary structure” has sparked speculations of alien life on Earth’s twin planet. On the other hand, scientists explained the alleged structure as a gravity wave.

Venus is the second nearest planet from the sun and is also the hottest. Like Earth, it is also a terrestrial planet and is dubbed as Earth’s twin planet due to its similar properties to Earth such as its mass, size, distance from the sun and bulk composition. Despite being one of the closest planet to Earth, missions and studies to probe the possibility of alien life in Venus is definitely lacking compared to other planets like Mars and Jupiter.

In a video uploaded in YouTube, UFO hunter Tyler Glockner revealed a gigantic curving band moving on the planet’s acidic atmosphere. He said it might be a giant structure hidden beyond the clouds and the reason there are not much missions aimed to study Venus is to hide the existence of alien civilization. "You always hear about Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto but you really don't hear about Venus,” Glockner said according to Daily Star. “Maybe there's something about this planet they don't want us to know,” he added.

Scientists explained it as a phenomenon similar to what happens on Earth called gravity wave – a wave created due to lower atmospheric flow over mountains. However, it is unclear if this gravity wave is induced by a mountain. Venus has been known for its weird cloud formations. Researchers added that this has nothing to do with the gravitational waves (ripples in space-time) despite the similar name.

"Gravity waves are an atmospheric phenomenon we often see in mountainous parts of Earth's surface. Crudely speaking, they form when air ripples over bumpy surfaces,” Jean-Loup Bertaux of the Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales in France said according to Fox News. He added that the waves propagate upwards and grows larger and larger until they break below the cloud top and forms a wave.

Meanwhile, Glockner still believes it is a proof of aliens on Venus. He explained that the structure is different from gravity waves which can only last for several days before disappearing. He said the giant sweeping band on Venus is a permanent structure.

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