Hearthstone Guide: How To Build A Killer Deck To Help You Win Matches

By Joseph S. , Jan 21, 2017 10:05 AM EST
Building a killer deck in Hearthstone is very important in winning matches. This article will give you some tips on how you can do this. (Photo : TheRegularTV/YouTube)

Hearthstone is a free-to-play video game that requires knowledge and skill in building an effective deck of cards. You will need good strategy and a lot of time to be able to do it. To help gamers enjoy the game more, Blizzard is also offering an easier way of building card decks. They call it card deck recipes. With some tips contained in this article along with these card recipes, you will be on your way to winning more matches.

When You Are Starting Out, Play Casual Mode

If you will deliberately play casual mode, you will be matching your skills with people who are at the same skill level. And the more you play Hearthstone in this mode, the better the video game will know who to match you up with. But if you play in ranked mode, you aren't sure if your opponent is at the same skill and knowledge level as you.

The reason is that in Hearthstone, a player with low rank doesn't mean he doesn't know how to play or has a bad deck of cards. So, it is better to start in casual mode where your chances of winning are greater. But continue improving your card and strategies. Once you feel you have improved, that's the time to play the ranked mode.

Use The Card Recipes Offered By Hearthstone

It was announced last March 2016 that Hearthstone will receive a system called deck recipes. These recipes should be live by now so take advantage of them. With this system, you will be able to choose from three various deck recipes for all the nine classes of the game. That means you can access a total of 27 recipes.

One of the three main recipes is suited for basic and classic matches; while the other two are themed but will also have cards from the other set. These deck recipes of Hearthstone will help you determine the cards that you own that came from the recipes. For missing cards, Hearthstone will suggest the cards in your collection that could be used as substitutes.

Put Your Trust In The Mage

Hearthstone has a default starter deck so that new players will easily get the hang of the game. This default starter deck is the Mage. The core of this card deck is well-rounded with a class play system that can be easily learned. Don't be tempted to stray away from the Mage once you have unlocked your chosen class.

Perform the practice challenges of Hearthstone first, in top to bottom order. You can possibly unlock Warlock or Rogue or Paladin after you have unlocked the Mage. However, it may be a difficult match at your level. If you are not using the full Mage deck, you might lose the match. Only after you have mastered the use of the Mage should you choose the class or classes you want to play for the rest of your matches.

Build A Deck That Will Allow You To Continue Playing

As you play Hearthstone, you will find that there are times that you can't deal a card until your fourth or fifth turn. A lot of things can happen in a match while you are not able to play. So, you need to build a deck that can scale properly along the mana curve. A number of good low-cost cards will help you get a good deck ratio and will ensure that you will always have a card to play in a match.

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