Macbook Pro Touch Bar vs Windows Touch Screen: Practicality And Functionality Tested

People are still grateful for companies that produced laptops with touch screens. Many believed that the recently released Apple's Touch Bar is the real big winner as to compare with how touch-screen Windows devices actually work. Could this be a great indicator for users to switch from Windows to Apple?

Users Find Windows 10 Touch Screen Not Helpful, Could This Be The Same With Apple Touch Bar?

According to a recent review released in Forbes, Windows 10 users are really not impressed with the touch screen feature of the device. It is said to have the basic user-friendly that would allow consumers to zoom, scroll and pinch all in one touch. However, many became tired and still opted to choose the traditional trackpads for faster actions. It is believed that using the touch-screen feature would just widen the time span of doing your work compare to using the keyboards and the tracks pads.

On the other hand, the Apple Touch Bar seems to be the exemption in the role as people are really maximizing the fullest potential of this feature. Many were really amazed as to how the brains behind the touch bar formulated it. According to recent publications, the touch bar became very important to users as it is both effective and efficient to use.

Is Apple Touch Bar Better Than The Windows 10 Touch Screen Or Has It Gone Worse?

Reports told that when one user opened Safari, all tabs would immediately be visible in the Touch Bar and this led to jumping from one tab to another a lot easier. It is also suggested to try iTunes as it would give you a better music experience.

As to which device really showed exceptional performance, reviews are still processing and would rather give time for the Touch Bar to last longer in the market as it is was released just recently.

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