LGBT Video Games Expand As Chinese Developer Finds Opportunity In The Market

By Irwyn , Jan 23, 2017 04:00 AM EST

One Chinese developer has noticed the opportunity to expand the market of LGBT video games through the "pink dollar." Similarly, more titles in the gaming industry continue to add gay characters to create a more diverse cast.

Expanding the Potential for LGBT Video Games

Zhu Qiming recently opened up about his upcoming gay game, Rainbow Town, which will be releasing in China soon. This smartphone title boasts an array of attractive and half-naked men with large muscles. With these elements in mind, the developer hopes to attract more gay fans to the gaming market, as per Motherboard.

In line with this, China is currently making use of the "pink dollar" wherein companies are earning increased income through their LGBT customers. Qiming's tech firm, Star-G, is trying to pave their own way in the business strategy.

The developer claimed that queer people have begun accepting themselves and seeking out others ever since society has become more accepting of them. Because of this, gay people use various platforms like social media, apps and even games to meet members of their community. Qiming claimed that he found a strong demand for this in the gaming market, hence why his team is making the most out of the "pink" opportunity.

His video game, Rainbow Town, will release sometime in March. There, players can customize their own avatar, roam around the in-game city, go on fashion shows, play mini-games and even go on dates with other fellow fans. Moreover, players can link their game account to the LGBT dating app Blued which gives them the opportunity to connect with these gamers in real life.

Representation in the West

Meanwhile, China is not the only country that is slowly opening up to the LGBT market. reports that other major western games are now including queer characters. These unique personalities provide some interesting storytelling and also act as representation.

Square Enix's Life is Strange hints that the two main protagonists, Max and Chloe, might be more than just best friends. On the other hand, The Last of Us included Ellie (who was in love with Riley) and possibly Bill as queer characters. Even Overwatch has a gay character who also acts the poster girl of the game.

LGBT video games continue to expand as developers explore these types of opportunities in the market. In turn, players from the community will be able to find their representation in pop culture.


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