What Do We Know About Intel's Euclid Computer For Robots

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More details emerge about Intel's upcoming super-small computer for robots called Euclid. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Intel's Euclid super-small computer for robots has an Atom processor, 3D RealSense camera, an HDMI port, range wireless sensors and operates on a battery.

Intel's Euclid Computer For Robots

High-tech giant Intel is investing more resources to become proficient at developing small computers. Previously, the company launched its credit-card-shaped Compute Cards and its Compute Sticks. But the super-small computer for robots called Euclid is Intel's latest product in the niche of small computers. This self-contained computer is designed to be the mind and eyes of a robot while being just the size of a thumb.

Euclid Computer's Features

Intel's Euclid computer for robots has been first announced in August and hasn't been released yet, but now more details have emerged about the upcoming product. According to Computerworld, the Euclid is so lightweight and small that it can be held like a pen. The device is like a PC fused into a Microsoft Kinect, coming with a built-in 3D RealSense camera.

The innovative design makes it possible to install the Euclid as the eyes of a human-like robot. The 3D RealSense camera will help with the movement, capturing images in real-time and acting as the eyes of a robot.

The motion and position sensors equipping the Euclid computer have the role to help the robot move around both in indoors and outdoors environments. The Euclid computer can be operated remotely via a PC or mobile device, once that is placed in a robot. The super-small computer comes equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in order to communicate with the PC.

In August, during CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote at the Intel Developer Forum, the high-tech giant introduced and demonstrated its Euclid computer in a robot moving on stage. Last year, at the Roscon robotics conference, was also delivered the Euclid presentation about RealSense technologies.

More details about the super-small computer for robots can be found online. The Euclid Developer Kit launch page is published on the Mouser Electronics' website. However, at the moment the pricing and the specific launch date are still to be published by Intel.

Mouser states on its website that the Euclid computer can serve as a smart sensor controlled by a more powerful computer or as a full, autonomous brain with sensing capabilities. In order to facilitate the navigation and movement of robots, the computer comes also with GPS capabilities.

Euclid Computer's Specs

The Euclid computer for robots is powered by an Atom CPU that has the role to process and analyze the images collected by the 3D camera. The CPU also helps the robot complete tasks and drives its movement.

The device comes with a 1080p ZR300 digital camera bundled with an infrared laser projector and an infrared camera. Robots will get a better sense of motion and depth due to the combined features that will aid in movement.

The super-small computer has environmental sensors on the back, including a barometric pressure sensor. Euclid has, additionally, USB 3.0 slots, HDMI, a microphone, and speakers. The computer operates on a battery.

Euclid supports Robotics Operating System (ROS) and Linux-based Ubuntu OS. It will also support Arduino developer software package that can be used to create basic electronics.

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