International UFO Conference Slated In Arizona To Shed Light Alien Life

The 26th International UFO Conference is scheduled to come to Arizona in February. Thousands of people are expected to join the event where witnesses, enthusiasts and alien life experts will be the participants. Furthermore, speakers are expected to shed light on alien life by giving their testimonies and some gathered evidences to prove extraterrestrial presence.

The International UFO Conference for 2017 has been set to happen in the Fountain Hills on Feb. 15-19. The five-day event comes to the site where the talked-about Phoenix Lights took place 20 years ago. The incident happened in March 1997 where thousands of residents witnessed the UFO sighting. Over a thousand of these people are expected to share their experience including the former governor of Arizona, Fife Symington. Several more witnesses of UFO sightings are set to share what they saw during the upcoming International UFO Congress.

The so-called Phoenix Lights have been reported by thousands of people where an alleged triangular formation and stationary lights were witnessed. The Phoenix City Councilwoman Frances Barwood claims that she has personally spoken with over 700 residents of Phoenix who said they have seen the UFO floating silently over the city.

Symington, who was then the governor of Arizona previously shed light to the 1997 incident, but he now claims to have seen the UFO himself. As was noted by OpenMinds, Symington said, “I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen.” The former governor claimed that the object was not from this planet and that the incident was legit for other people to ridicule it. Following this, many people are questioning the credibility of Symington’s testimony where he initially said otherwise.

James Fox, whom Symington had an interview with regarding the Phoenix Lights will also be presenting at the International UFO Congress. The footage of his interview with the former governor will be shared during the event. UFO researcher and local of Arizona and local UFO filmmaker Dr. Lynne Kitei is also expected to discuss findings regarding the Phoenix Lights incident.

According to the Inquisitr, the event will be participated in by other interesting writers like Ben Hansen (Fact to Faked: Paranormal Files host), Yvonne Smith (hypnotherapist and abduction researcher), Stanton Friedman (nuclear physicist), Dr. Bob Davis (neuroscientist) and Kathleen Marden, Ryan Sprague, Erica Lukes, Jennifer Stein, Paul Stonewall, Greg Bishop, Noe Torres, Richard Dolan, Dr John Alexander and David Marler who are all UFO researchers, and UFO journalist Alejandro Rojas.

There will be more speakers to join the gathering like Ted Roe (co-founder of NARCAP) USAF Colonel Charles Halt, astronaut trainer Ken Johnston and Prof. Erling Strand. These people are expected to disseminate important information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life during the 26th International UFO Conference.

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