Gravity Rush 2 Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips To Set You On The Right Track

Gravity Rush 2 Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips To Set You On The Right Track
Just got a copy of Gravity Rush 2? Don't play it yet, read these handy tips first. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Gravity Rush 2 takes us again on a wobbly upside-down ride with our beloved Kat, the Gravity Shifter. While the game offers a lot of opportunities for us to explore and figure things out ourselves, there's nothing like a good push towards the right direction. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track.

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 1: Take Your Time

The world of Gravity Rush 2 is breathtakingly beautiful particularly Jigar Para Lhao. We are taken to a whole new world up there with floating cities with a ton of experiences waiting to be discovered. Do not hesitate to stop and take a breather for a while. Mess around and do some side quests. Don't focus too much on the main storyline or you'll miss up on awesome encounters and hidden gems.

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 1.5: But Not In Chapter 1

As noted by GameRevolution, the first mission is too restricting. Here, we don't have the luxury of roaming around in other areas yet. You can try out all its offerings once and then move on to Chapter 2, where most of the rest of the world opens up to you.

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 2: Make Yourself Comfortable

Manipulating gravity can be a real pain sometimes, so make yourself comfortable first before things get more serious. Your effectiveness in combat will rely on how well you can control Kat and her powers so make sure you brush up on her Gravity skills.

Luckily, there's the whole world of Gravity Rush 2 for you. As I said earlier, it's beneficial to explore as much as possible. So while doing so, you can practice the controls for a more enjoyable experience.

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 3: Switch Up Gravity Styles

While you have preferences, don't stick to a Gravity Style 100-percent of the time. Per Kotaku, Lunar Style makes Kat slower and Jupiter Style makes Kat heavier. You can easily switch between styles, so take advantage of that during combat. If you want to get to the ground faster, switch to Jupiter Style then back to Lunar right before you land (which brings you back to Tip # 2).

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 4: Do Not Spend All Your Gems

Gems take effort to find. They are essential to Kat's Power Ups, so it's only natural that the game pushes you to go above and beyond to get some gems. Here's a full guide on how and where to look for gems. In summary, do not spend them happily thinking you'll get more later.

Gravity Rush 2 Tip # 5: Other Combat Tricks

Kat moves a lot, so the camera does so, too. It can be disorienting when you're battling foes, so don't forget to click R3 (the right analog stick) to re-center the camera and see what's going on. Other helpful moves in combat is dodge and stasis, so you better pay attention to them. Also take advantage of Raven whenever you're with her. She can join in on some attacks like the Jupiter charge kick, per DigitalTrends.


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