Tekken 7: Rage And Sorrow Trailer Released, The Best Fights Are Personal

Bandai Namco Entertainment just released its most epic trailer this year for Tekken 7 and things are going to get ugly. The trailer focuses on the deranged relationship between Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima.

Everybody knows the hatred between this father and son is immeasurable. However, little do they know that Heihachi once guided Kazuya to become a forceful fighter that he is right now. On the epic trailer that was released hours ago, Heihachi Mishima is shown teaching young Kazuya how to fight. At the very young age, he was taught how to be tough and how to fight like it's his last.

Tekken 7: Rage And Sorrow

Apparently, the distaste of Kazuya Mishima started a long time ago against his own father. He blames the merciless Heihachi about his mother’s lost and as seen on the trailer, Kazuya Mishima utterly said the words “you killed my mother”. Kazuya has been longing for revenge for quite awhile right now. Bandai Namco perfectly summarize the video and Kazuya’s quest with the question, What fuels your ambition? Rage? Or Sorrow?

Tekken 7: Heihachi’s Last Cry

We all know how ruthless Heihachi and inhuman Heihachi can be. But on the Rage and Sorrow trailer, Heihachi Mishima was shown shedding a tear. Yes, you read it right, and if you want to verify if it was really a tear from Heihachi, you can check the video again. Famed YouTuber decoded parts of the storyline between the feud of Father and Son, Heihachi and Kazuya. According to him, Heihachi and Kazuya are fated to destroy each other and if they won’t do it, the curse will be lifted up(not sure what curse).

Also, Hamada and Bandai Namco already confirmed the return of some of the most iconic characters in the game namely, Nina Williams, Lee Chaolan, Master Raven, Bob and the Spanish Fighter, Miguel Caballero Rojo. The game is set to be released on July 2, 2017.

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