Why The Galaxy S8 Release Date Is A Bad Idea For The LG G6

LG G6, todo lo que sabemos el nuevo gama alta
Although the LG G6 was expected to be a great competitor for the Galaxy S8, its delay on the release date eliminate its chances for sure, which represents a huge disappointment. Photo : Xakata TV/YouTube

A few days ago, Samsung lovers were once again disappointed with the South Korean company, after it was known that the upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 wouldn't be released at the date it was previously announced, which was already controversial considering that everyone wanted to see this mobile device at the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, even when this was a decision that might have bad consequences for this smartphone, it also had a collateral damage that harmed its main rival, and its upcoming flagship LG G6.

The Galaxy S8 Will Use The Newest Processor

As if it was a great strategy for damaging this mobile device, the fact that the Galaxy S8 won´t be released at the Mobile World Congress is a great setback for the LG G6, given the fact that this mobile device will be unveiled at this event, and it will be forced to be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, while its main competitor will sport the latest version, which is clearly the best that any smartphone could wear right now.

Naturally, this is something that represents a big dismay for anyone that was expecting the greatest quality in the LG G6, considering that the company was betting a lot in this mobile device in order to make a great hit in the market and take advantage of Samsung´s weak moment, both in South Korea and in the U.S., thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Although it´s impossible to assure that Samsung made this move in order to harm its competitor, the truth is that with this situation, the LG G6 won´t represent any kind of danger not only for the Galaxy S8 but also for other important flagships like the highly-anticipated iPhone 8.

Chinese Smartphones Could Beat The LG G6 This Year

Believe it or not, even the Nokia´s next flagship would be more appealing to customers than the LG G6, considering that this would another mobile device that will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This way, even when it is too soon to make any kind of prediction, it seems that the LG G6 won´t be playing in the major leagues this year, and it could give to the company one of its most difficult years in the phone business, considering that this situation will make that some Chinese smartphones as the Xiaomi would beat this flagship.

Of course, this is something quite unfair, given the fact that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor is extremely fast, and the LG G6 has some important specs and features that make it an excellent smartphone but considering the expectations that everyone had about this mobile device, and the way in which it was expected to a great competitor for the Galaxy S8, this phone might lose relevance to the customers.

In any case, while the Galaxy S8 will be released on April 14th, the LG G6 will be released at the Mobile World Congress on February 26, and even when this will be another year in which LG won´t be able to compete against Samsung, we should give a chance to this flagship and see if it could give us a surprise.

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