Pokemon Sun And Moon: Pokebank Now Available, Which Is The Best Pokebank?

TOP 10 BEST Pokemon Bank Transfers - Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Bank or Pokebank has just been released today and we were able to list down the best Pokebank transfer that should happen. Photo : Verlisify / YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a great game right now. However, there is still a way to make this game greater which is to release the much anticipated Pokemon Bank or Pokebank, which they did a few minutes ago.

Few months have passed and still no update on Pokebank. Sure there were some hints that were provided by some web magazines but the information is not enough to answer all the questions that we have for Pokebank. But, don't be in despair as Game Freak just unleashed Pokebank as we speak. Why is Pokebank being talked about? What is Pokebank? Do we need it? How can we use it?

For those who are not familiar with the game, Pokebank is an application that was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. It is also considered as a service in where the players have the freedom to manage their Pokemon in a “private” box. They can either use it, store or even deposit. This Pokebank is not for free and it has an annual charge.

The sole purpose of this application is to store numerous Pokemon which by the way can hold of up to 3000 Pokemon. Think of Pokebank as a storage system with a more systematic and easier search system. Having this application will also provide battle points which are very critical and useful in Pokemon game. There’s no real guide that is created on how to use Pokebank but we are assuming that it's like any other application that is connected to the main software which is the Pokemon Sun and Moon.

While we are waiting for its release, we were able to stumble on one of the best YouTuber when it comes to providing details about a specific topic. He was able to list the best Pokebank transfer that should happen and we are going to discuss few of them. Please do take note that the list will not be in order.


An unusual Pokemon with an unusual evolution. Shedinja or Nincada is not your ordinary Pokemon. This creature cannot be easily found in the wildlands. This Pokemon however, is very special. Players should be critical in evolving this Pokemon to get Shendinja. Often times than not, they received Ninjask. Don’t worry as both evolutions will transfer all IV’s and EV’s from Nincada.


Few is known from this Pokemon but it is on top of the list of most of the players who wants to transfer this Pokemon in their Pokebank. His not the best Pokemon nor the strongest but he is still considered about average. His iconic thunder fang and ice fang is one of the most unique moves in the game right now.


Another Pokemon that can’t be found in the wild. This dual type, fire and bug Pokemon has a decent stats. She was part of the Generation V Pokemon and one of the most used in that generation. She looks like a moth with those big eyes. Volcarona is also very mysterious in a sense wherein as per reports, she can replace the sun when it's dark using her fire. She is also known as a life saver as she religiously saves Pokemon from freezing.

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