Do People Still Trust Samsung As A Smartphone Maker?

Samsung has been on a rollercoaster ride last year with their Galaxy Note 7 phablet. What started out as an amazing release later turned out as an infamous recall. Of course, Samsung did not fail when it comes to customer service and support during the entirety of the recall program. However, it's hard to deny the fact that this incident will forever be associated with the company's brand. Needless to say, the question that remains is whether or not people still trust the Samsung smartphone brand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Confirmed

Samsung has finally formally confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 is indeed coming. It's worth noting that the Note series has been through some cancellation rumors which makes this announcement all the more important. As per DJ Koh, Samsung's CEO, the Note 8 phone will be better and safer than its controversial sibling.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Fan-base

Koh has also mentioned that their investigative process has led to the conclusion that the Note series has lots and lots of loyal customers. This may sound a little too proud but it's actually pretty obvious that the Note series has a solid fan base. In fact, the Note 7 recall is not all that successful as there were a number of owners who refused to participate in it. Instead, these people kept their devices despite Samsung's pleas and the obvious dangers that the devices bring.

Additionally, Tim Baxter, President of Samsung US has also revealed that 10,000 people are currently registered to get notifications of Samsung's future products. Baxter has also shared that there are still quite a number of Note 4/5 users who are still in search for a great phone upgrade, as per Android Authority. This pretty much answers the question of whether or not people still trust the Samsung brand. Apparently, people still do.

Samsung Smartphones Will Still Get People's Trust

Phone Arena has initiated a poll that asks whether or not people would still trust a Samsung phone, and the results are pretty much in favor of Samsung. Apparently, a large fraction of the poll participants (72%) were confident that Samsung has already learned its valuable lesson from the Note 7 incident. With that said, it's pretty safe to say that the company doesn't have a lot to fear when it comes to the fate of its future products.

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