An Alleged DJI Mavic Pro Drone Was Flown Near A Flying Passenger Jet, User Arrested Shortly

The DJI Mavic Pro is indeed all kinds of popular. This drone was headlined for its supply-demand dilemma that caused its lengthy shipment and this drone has also been a top topic between drone enthusiasts for its amazing product features. Now, the Mavic Pro, although not exactly the main issue, is once again mentioned in a news story.

Apparently, there was a man in China who has been arrested after he uploaded an alleged Mavic Pro-captured video that clearly showed how he hovered the drone in the flight path of a landing passenger jet. The video was nine seconds long and it was posted on Weibo last January 15. Needless to say, flying a drone in areas that can cause harm to others is extremely restricted.

Drone Used In Restricted Area

The said video footage shows the Capital Airlines plane passing near the drone and as per IB Times' report, there was a DJI Mavic Pro watermark that came up at the end of the footage. Needless to say, the said airline company strongly condemned the user for his actions. Furthermore, the Weibo post of the said footage went viral and within 24 hours, the authorities have verified the validity of the video and were able to arrest the drone owner. The said drone owner was charged for endangering the public's safety.

DJI Drones' Safety Precautions

It's worth noting that DJI drones are usually equipped with the DJI GO app. This app is supposedly the one responsible for disallowing users to take off near any airport. A geofencing system is practically a part of the DJI app and it is meant to take comprehensive measures in preventing such a dangerous scenario. Needless to say, the drone user in question might have found a way to alter the system and was able to fly his Mavic Pro high enough near the airport vicinity.

DJI has recognized the incident and says that they strongly condemn the use of such technology in areas that can affect the safety of manned air traffic. The company also says that they continuously work with regulators to help users understand the safe usage of aerial technology. DJI also shares that it will continue to support governments in creating frameworks that will promote safe flying.

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