Road To Boruto DLC Receives Nearly Perfect Scores By Famitsu Critics

Famitsu has already released a review for the Naruto: Road to Boruto, and it seems that fans are to be treated a reward. This expansion includes five new characters, as well as a story scenario that talks about the Boruto film. It might have already been paid off since this famous gaming magazine has already rated the DLC with an almost perfect score.

Gematsu said that the game was able to obtain a rating of 37 out of 40, and this seems a high rating for the magazine. There were three out of the four Famitsu critics that gave a 9 out of 10 rating, thus making the overall rating to reach near the perfect score. On the other hand, the fourth critic gave a score of 10 over 10, which means that it is really a fine expansion of the game.

According to The Bit Bag, the positive feedbacks that Famitsu gave for the game gives way in the idea on how Western audiences will perceive it. Western audiences have usually a different perspective about the games, take for example the Japanese's preference for the Final Fantasy 13. If we are to consider how well-appreciated Famitsu is, it is truly impressive to get a positive feedback for Naruto: Road to Boruto.

In fact, Road to Boruto had undergone controversies during its early stage, especially when it was revealed that there were only five characters for the game. The story expansion for the game do not allow players to fight with other characters, and they are not also playable all throughout. This gave disappointments for many fans. It seems though that the story is thoroughly worth it, and even those who also want to additional characters from the expansion. The Boruto expansion will be coming over to PS4, PC, and Xbox One on February 3.


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