Top 3 Metroidvania Games This 2017 You Should Not Miss

By Mhico V. , Jan 26, 2017 08:44 AM EST

There are a lot of Metroidvania games that fans really love. This 2017, a few Metroidvania games will be released. However, fans have already picked their favorites, as well as predicting the huge success of it. Fans will definitely enjoy playing multiple Metroidvania games this year, as it offers an amazing old school RPG experience. It will also bring different types of genre, such as puzzle, action and adventure. It is believed that 2017 is the year of Metroidvania games, which is a great news for the old school gamers, especially the fans.

Death's Gambit Will Bring An Awesome Alien Adventure To Everyone

In Death's Gambit, players are going to fight different types of monsters in an alien planet. There are a lot of mysteries in this game, as well as the insane difficulty that it offers, where every enemies are not that easy to kill. There are a lot of places to discover in this game, such as wasteland, village and forest. Rumors suggest that the game will surpass everyone's expectation.

Rain World Is An Intense Puzzle Solving Game

Fans really love the creativity of Rain World, where players are going to play as a cat. There are a lot of puzzles to be solved in this game. There are also enemies in the game that the cat should avoid, making this game very intense. Fans are hoping that the controls in this game will not be complicated. Puzzle lovers will definitely love this game.

Katana ZERO Brings A Futuristic Combat Gameplay

Katana ZERO has an amazing neon colored areas, which is something new to the fans. The game also brings a nice combat gameplay, where the character can control the time to take advantage in all battle situations. Due to this, futuristic gamers are looking forward to play this game.

All of the games above will be released this 2017.

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