Jetflows Of Planet Jupiter Has Been Recreated For The First Time; A Fascinating View

By Marion Villareal , Jan 26, 2017 07:20 PM EST

For the first time in centuries, scientists have finally found a way to recreate the dazzling atmosphere of the planet Jupiter, known as the jets or the jet flows. These are strong atmospheric flows and having the chance to simulate them in a laboratory has been fascinating.

Simulation Of Jupiter's Jet Flows First Done In A Computer Before Having Done An Actual Model

First, there has been a computer simulation created for the jet flows and was done in two scenarios. It was done with a shallow jet stream and one with jets that extended down deep into the molecular envelope of Jupiter. According to UCLA Professor Jonathan Aurnou, these simulations are easily done on a computer but no experiment has ever been done to do it in an actual analog model. Thus, having been instilled with the knowledge of the theoretical system of the concept of its atmospheric flow, he has come up with an actual representation of it with the use of normal worldly possessions.

In order to make the test happen, the team of researchers used a spinning table and a garbage can full of water. The can was then rotated at a speed of 75 revolutions per minute, forming a parabolic curve as the water drift away from its center. The parabolic shape has then become the alternative for Jupiter's known curved atmosphere. Then, the streams were reproduced by creating flows of water as inlets and outlets are being installed at the bottom of the can. As these flows created turbulence with water, there were six concentric circular streams that were created; a perfect recreation of the atmospheric flow of Jupiter.

Atmospheric Flow Of Jupiter Successfully Recreated By A Team Of Researchers

Thus, according to Aurnou, this was yet the first time that someone has ever recreated the atmospheric flow in Jupiter showing that strong jets could create and develop into an actual fluid substance. This experiment will soon get into perspective as more and more data are being collected about the atmosphere. There is certainly more to the universe than what we have known over the years, and technology will surely help the public know more of it.

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