Google Pixel 2 2017: Early Rumors

Google's first Pixel phones were kind of a success when it first launched last year. They may not be as widely patronized as the iPhone or the Galaxy but they actually did receive positive impressions as a whole. With that, it is interesting to see what Google has planned for the next Pixel phones bound for 2017 release. Rumor has it that the Pixel 2 will have so much improvement over its older siblings.

Google Pixel 2 Specs Improvements

As per 9to5Google, Google may once again be putting more focus on the Pixel 2's camera. It was said that the company would like to improve on low-light imagery for their next-gen Pixel device. With that said, fans can expect that the Pixel 2's camera may not exactly boast of high megapixels but it's almost certain that Google will make up for it through added camera features.

Additionally, there are talks about the company's testing of two different chipsets for the Pixel 2. It was said that a Snapdragon and an Intel chip are both being tested for possible use in the next Pixel devices. On top of all these improvements, the next Pixel devices could also be waterproof, although right now this feature is still described as "still on the table".

Google Pixel 2 Price Improvements

Needless to say, as per Phone Arena, you shouldn't go believing every single thing the web feeds you. However, these first major revelations about the Pixel 2 are too interesting to let pass. Besides, they pretty much make sense, especially when it comes to price rumors. It was said that there could be a Pixel 2B that would come with a less high-end specs but with a lower price. This Pixel 2B phone will then release along with or shortly after the Pixel 2. The source says that the Pixel 2B will be targeted towards developing markets so as to bring in the "Google experience" outside the usual markets that Google has been catering to.

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