HTC To Expand Gaming, Lends 1000 Vive Units To Developers

Last year, HTC blew away the tech industry with the HTC Vive, one of the first virtual reality headsets to be easily accessible to the public. But since its release, less expensive and more versatile products have been released. However, the company is doing all it can to remain in the market - including giving away 1000 units of its latest accessory in an attempt to boost content.

According to Digital Trends, HTC is accepting applications from now until February 7 for developers that are interested in working with the Vive Tracker. In the application, individuals or groups will need to explain why they are deserving of one of the first released units. They will then have the responsibility to think up creative ways to take the physical world into virtual reality.

The Vive Tracker is an accessory to the HTC Vive that will allow a user to connect virtually any item to the game. Theoretically, purchasing the accessory will cut costs in the sense that VR players will not need to buy specific items per game. Instead of buying a VR baseball bat, players can attach the accessory to a standard bat - and the setup will work the same way.

The device is only 3 ounces and measures 3.92 x 1.55 inches. This allows the Vive Tracker to be attached to almost any standard item that players will want to user in VR. DotDotDash, one of the winners, has already created a camera accessory for the Vive, which allows users to take photos of their VR experiences.

However, the Vive Trackers must be returned once HTC requests for the same, as reported by Android Headlines. The payoff is that these winners will be able to use and experiment with the VR accessory ahead of everyone else. The item was first introduced during the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this month, but will not be released until the second quarter of the year.

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