HBO Go App Now Automatically Connects To Apple TV App Without Entering Verification Codes

By Mae Cervantes , Jan 27, 2017 09:09 AM EST

HBO has launched an updated version of HBO Go app, which now supports two new Apple features. These are the Single Sign-On and the new TV app. The updated version allows subscribers to store login credential with the TV App.

The updated HBO Go allows subscribers to tap through an HBO show from the Apple TV app. The data will be directly fed into the Apple software. It offers HBO's streaming app for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV subscribers with a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Single Sign-On

According to the Apple Insider, the Single Sign-on compatibility can grant access to HBO Go subscribers with an authenticated provider. This gives users excitement to enjoy the essential feature that Netflix and other video streaming app have provided for years.

The HBO customers will no longer need to go through their cable credential separately when logging into the HBO Go app. The app will utilize the universal credentials that are stored by Apple. It is well-designed and updated to allow all cable subscribers to gain access to cable-restricted content, which is available within apps.

Limited Cable Providers

The Single Sign-on is currently limited to the United States and the access requires both service providers and TV app developers. There are more than 20 televisions apps that support the updated HBO Go.

The downside to the Single Sign-on is that not all cable providers are offering support. It is limited to Comcast, Time Warner, Cable ONE, CenturyLink Prism, Dish, DirecTV, GVTC, Hawaiian Telecom, GTA, Hotwire, Sling TV, MetroCast and Service Electric. The full list of the cable providers is listed on the Apple official website.

HBO Go Tracking Functionality

Subscribers need to login to HBO Go account, which they may see a generated suggestions in the "What's Next" tab. In adding HBO shows, subscribers can automatically select the "Up Next" list. Then, after clicking and selecting the preferred HBO shows, it will be automatically directed to HBO Go to view the selected shows. This assists subscribers to view, resume and track the episodes they want to watch.


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