How The OnePlus 5 Can Beat The 2017 Premium Phones

OnePlus' phones have been very popular for their high-end specs and lower-end prices. The OnePlus 3, for instance, has become well-loved since 2016 for running the most high-end Snapdragon chip at the time and for boasting a RAM size as big as 6 GB. For a $399 price tag, this OnePlus device has become one of the most popular flagship phones of the year. With that said, fans of the brand are awaiting what the company has in store for them this year. Rumor has it that the flagship killer will once again amaze its fans this 2017.

OnePlus Possibly Skipping The OnePlus 4 Name

According to recent rumors, OnePlus will be skipping the OnePlus 4 name and instead, release a 2017 smartphone under the OnePlus 5 brand. The reason behind this is quite simple and easily understandable. According to Android Pit, OnePlus won't be using the OnePlus 4 name for the sole reason that the number four kind of brings in a negative vibe in Chinese beliefs. As per the said source, the number four in the Chinese culture is practically like the number 13 in the Western's. Needless to say, for people who aren't exactly impacted by cultural beliefs, there is one thing that is for sure about the next OnePlus phone - it would still be a flagship killer.

OnePlus 5 Rumored Specs And Price

At this point in time, not a lot of details have been leaked about the OnePlus 5. However, it's pretty certain that it will still boast of specs and features that are on par with its more expensive rivals. As per Inquisitr, the OnePlus 5 could come with a Snapdragon 835 processor and at least 8 GB RAM. It could also be equipped with a much improved Dash Charge feature.

As for the price, there could be an increase over last year's OnePlus devices. Even so, however, the OnePlus 5 would still be less expensive than its direct competitions. The OnePlus 3 is priced $399 and the OnePlus 3T starts at $439. So even if OnePlus would add in a hundred dollars and sell the OnePlus 5 for more than $500, it will still be way cheaper than the iPhone and Galaxy phones. Overall, the next OnePlus device can still beat its competitions effortlessly. With an expected price and specs like that, there's no doubt that the OnePlus 5 will retain its "flagship killer" nickname in the years to comes.

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