Top Problems Of 'PlayStation VR' Revealed, How To Fix Them?

Pulling a PlayStation VR headset out from its packaging for the very first time and putting it on your head is one of the best feelings that you can get, as you dive into the amazing and wonderful worlds that only virtual reality can deliver. Experiencing Virtual reality is intense, surreal, and nothing like anything we've ever seen before in the field video games.

At the same time, it is also very frustrating to try out your PSVR for the first time, only to discover that it isn't working the way that it's supposed to. DigitalTrends has made a list of some of the most common problems that are plaguing Sony's infamous VR headset, as well as the solution that can help you fix them.

Common PSVR Problem

If your PlayStation VR headset happens to not track your movement properly, there's a chance that you might be seeing an "outside of area" message appear or notice that your in-game avatar is moving without your direct input.


The problem could be equated towards lighting, as the PlayStation Camera is primarily tracking your headset through a number of blue lights on its surface. Tracking issues can occur for a variety of reasons, however, so don't lose any hope if ever the first few solutions don't work for you.

  •  Ensure that no other light source is interfering with the PlayStation VR headset/ camera

Sony has noted that the tracking issue can stem from light reflecting off a window or mirror, so if possible, cover these up.

  •  Make sure you're in the play area

If your lights don't appear to be the problem, make sure you're within the designated play area and that the PlayStation Camera can see you clearly.

  •  Dirty lens

If the aforementioned steps still don't fix the problem, wipe both PlayStation Camera lenses with a cloth, as the problem could be caused by a dirty lens.

Sony's Online Service Tool

According to DailyStar, if none of these steps fix your problem, then your tracking issues might be caused by a hardware problem. With that, you can easily set up a repair using Sony's Online Service Tool.

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