Google Pixel To Receive A Budget Friendly Model Soon

By Mandy Adams , Jan 28, 2017 11:34 AM EST

Google Pixel might start rolling out a more affordable model soon based on the latest insider reports. The budget model Pixel is not the only thing that consumers can look forward to as the company will reportedly add enhancements to its second-generation Pixel models to target "emerging markets".

Google Pixel Budget Phone

There is no denying that when Google announced Pixel's launch a year ago, its flagship phone attracted a lot of attention. The reviews were awesome and the performance was also impressive not to mention the cool virtual assistant and the great camera resolution. However, consumers had one huge complaint, the price is quite high for a smartphone.

To cater to this market, Google decided to create a more affordable device but they are also planning to increase the price of its next Pixel phone release by $50, but paying this price might be a great idea after all since there will be a bundle of improved features.

Google Pixel Features

Google Pixel comes with a bunch of impressive features including Google's launcher. Aside from that, there are tons of hidden features in the device. Although the phone needs some getting used to, there are still a lot of people who would love to own Google's own smartphone device.

Newest reports reveal that Google is currently testing chips from Intel and Qualcomm. The company also plans to fine tune the camera quality. Although the MP size will not increase, Google will compensate by adding extra features.

It could also be possible that the new device is going to be waterproof but it will definitely be water resistant. As expected, the budget model referred to as the Pixel 2B will not be as powerful as the more expensive model.

The release date for these devices is yet to be announced. But rumor has it that Google will launch the high-end model first followed by the cheaper Pixel 2B.

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