Ukrainian Model And Named As Human Barbie 'Valeria Lukyanova' Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Jan 29, 2017 09:28 PM EST

She is a flourishing model, an iconic singer, an actress, a writer, a poet and even a seminar event organizer. Her conferences are a way for her to help people find oneself and believes in helping people. But, most people don't know such pieces of her life. They gave her a nickname "Human Barbie" due to her adorable eyes, tiny waist, and stout breasts. Valeria Lukyanova or also known as "Amatue" is very open-hearted about her looks, her efforts to stay fit and how people can get into shape.

Daily Workouts Are Necessary

Amatue has accepted that she believes in working out daily. She starts the morning with running for an hour and spending three defying hours in the gym without taking a break. She also admits that when it's her day off, she exercises for five to six hours.

Workouts Are A Part Of Her Life

The striking model has admitted that workouts are as obligatory for her as brushing her teeth or taking a shower. She considers weightlifting to be an essential part of her day and has made it a part of her routine too.

Workouts Do "Work"

The lady has acknowledged that seeing positive results of workouts gives her pleasure. She states that her body give thanks to her and makes her a happy person since she doing her work out whole heartedly.

Veggies Are The Best

She also support takers of veggie food. She advises everyone to stick to vegetables and herbs. Such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and prefers these to eat as salad. She is a living proof of the fact that raw vegetables are the best.

Plate Portion Control

She also advises to eat very small portions at a time. It's clear to her that excess of anything could be bad for health.

Her Favorites - Grapefruit, Apples, And Nuts

Separately from vegetables, Amatue also likes fruits such as grapefruit and apples. She also has a weakness for nuts since there are nuts contain high calories, which may ruin her efforts to stay fit.

Fasting Is Good, But Don't Starve

The talented model likes to fast sometimes. However, she is totally against starving to get great looks as she doesn't find it reasonable. Controlling cravings is necessary for her.

Her Looks Are Inherited

Some people have asserted that Amatue had rib removing surgeries. She totally hogwashed it but admits to breast surgery. As she states, the secret behind her slim waist is her genes from her mother, since she also has a slim waist.

Some Tips For Fans:

Be Yourself

Valeria has advised her fans to "not to copy anyone." She strongly believes that every person is unique. Switch your focus aspiring someone, but blindly copying someone is not rational at all.

Be At Peace

Lukyanova tell her fans to be content on what they have. She believes that individuals should not judge others for who they are. That everyone should have acceptance and open-mindedness of any human's choice. She implies uniqueness.

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