Google Allows Developers To Submit Apps For DayDream VR

By Andy Franco , Jan 29, 2017 11:14 PM EST

Google continues to move forward with virtual reality. The company has made it known that it will be allowing developers to submit Daydream VR apps.

In the first few months of operation, Google only worked with a handful of people to develop apps which are compatible for Daydream. Only those who were in Google's Daydream Access Program (DAP) would be bringing in content to provide users with top quality apps. Google is now removing the DAP restriction for submissions to the Daydream Home app store. This would mean that any developer interested in making apps for use with Daydream View and other devices that are compatible will be allowed to.

However, it still doesn't Google will let just any app through. The app must be able to meet "quality assurance" standards. According to Google: "Upon publication, Google Play submits apps that are opted-in to Daydream for review against the Daydream App Quality criteria and notifies you of the result. If your app meets all criteria, Google Play makes it discoverable to Daydream users in VR."

Now, Google is not being a snob just because they want to. According to Daydream App Quality Requirements page, virtual reality is a significantly different platform. Apps that are not designed well or contain performance issues may leave some users feeling nauseated. As a consumer, that will assure me as comfort is an important part of the virtual reality experience.

In terms of design, one of the requirements from Google VR will include the ability of users to focus on objects and read the necessary text. Google recommends to start by placing objects more than 0.5m away from the user and that font sizes should take up at least 1.5 degrees of the user's visual field of view. This is so users can visually converge on an object, help avoid seeing double images, legible enough for a Daydream compatible phone.

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