IRRI Inaugurates Friendship Center For Food Security In THIS Country

By Jose Paolo Calcetas , Jan 30, 2017 04:41 AM EST

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has partnered with the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) in launching the BRRI-IRRI Friendly-Center . The term was coined by IRRI Deputy Director Jackie Hughes and BRRI Director General Bhagya Rani Banik. It aims to expand partnered research between the two agencies and bolster global market environment in the face of climate change.

Banik said that the project is an offspring of the 50-year-old productive partnership between IRRI and BRRI. Banik also added that they have seen food security increase in their native country with a rice self-sufficiency rate of 2.06 metric ton surplus. BRRI attributed this milestone to research advances in rice science to which the two institutions adhere.

According to IRRI, the reopening of the Gazipur centre shall allow the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute to “nurture science and leadership capacity among Bangladeshi researchers.” This will be made possible by preparing IRRI scientists to collaborate with IRRI. Moreover, this partnership will also provide technical assistance that will fulfill the Bangladesh government’s vision to establish its own rice industry in 2050.

Bangladesh can be found in northeastern South Asia. It has a land mass of 144,000 km2. Moreover, the country is bounded by India on the west, north, and northeast. On the other hand, Myanmar lies on its southeast while Bay of Bengal can be found on its south, Ricepedia reports.

This nation consists of low, flat, fertile land. More than 230 rivers and their tributaries flow across the country down to alluvial soil. Flood water enriches its soils with heavy silt. Rice is a staple food for most Asian countries. Aside from developing its quality, studies are also being conducted on how to make rice plants endure and survive diseases. A study even suggests that bacteria might be able to improve rice infected by fungus.

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