Microsoft Windows 8.1 Blue Boots To Desktop Mode: Will This Please 'Failure' Critics?

Saying that Windows 8 has its share of detractors is a massive understatement. Microsoft hasn't put out anything this divisive since Vista, and even then it was mostly unanimous that the operating system was awful. The completely overhauled Windows 8 has a vocal fan base, many seem very turned off by the radical changes and just want to use what they've grown accustomed to.

They want Windows 8 to boot to the desktop mode. They want the Start button back. And with Windows 8.1 Blue, Microsoft might be willing to give them what they're clamoring for.

According to The Verge, who cited "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans," the company is in the midst of testing a new version of Windows 8.1 (codenamed Blue) that would give users the option to boot their device directly to the desktop mode.

The default option for Windows 8.1 Blue (which, by the way, has some neat features we're looking forward to) will still have the OS boot to the new Metro Live Tile interface, but Microsoft will make it easy for users to bypass the new Start screen entirely.

So why, after pushing the Metro UI for so long, is Microsoft doubling back a bit? The company has faced mounting pressure from businesses running their computers with traditional desktops. Considering that Live Tiles work best on a touch screen or tablet, it makes sense that Microsoft will give people the option to run their computer the way they like.

For some, even this move might not be good enough. According to The Verge, "third-party tools to revive the Start button have proved popular, but it's highly unlikely that Microsoft will opt to bring the Start Menu back to life itself. We're told that the boot to desktop option is simply designed to appease desktop users who wish to avoid the Start Screen environment."

Lately, Windows 8 has come under increasing scrutiny as PC sales fall sharply. Most analysts have blamed Windows 8 primarily for the dip, causing some to question whether the OS is a failure.

So if it's true that Windows 8.1 Blue can boot to desktop, does that eliminate or ease your qualms with the OS? Let us know in the comments below.

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