American Heart Month: Babies To Wear Red Hats

February is the American Heart Month, and to raise awareness, volunteers from around the country deliver red hats to newborn babies in local hospitals on Monday. Volunteers knitted the red hats themselves and have delivered them to metropolitan hospitals for the babies to wear. The hats are meant to empower and remind new moms to live healthy lives that promote healthy hearts, and help their children do the same.

The American Heart Association Little Hats, Big Hearts program, chose the red hats to raise awareness about heart disease. To the Franciscan Health, the organization have already delivered 200 caps, and 75 red caps to Community Hospital South. Volunteers have knitted more than 3,000 caps that will be worn by babies in more than 40 hospitals in the state.

According to the Fox 59 , The AHA says heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. For babies, congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect in the country. The American Heart Month is designed to remind people the importance of a healthy heart and raise awareness on how to prevent the disease, the Who TV  says.

Cardiovascular disease , or heart disease, is a term used that relates to the condition of the heart as well as the arteries and veins that bring blood to the organs. It is an acquired disease that results from chronic high blood pressure and long-time cigarette smoking. The good news is, it is largely preventable.

High blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and being sedentary are the risk factors and all contribute to the development of the disease. To prevent it, the AHA recommends following a heart-healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Month encourages everyone to get at least a 100 minutes of exercise a week, eat right, and keep any other risk factors in check.

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