2017 Honda Pilot Review: The Ideal Family SUV

By James Yu , Jan 31, 2017 09:31 AM EST

Aside from the fact that more and more people are buying SUVs, there are also other reasons why you should consider getting a 2017 Honda Pilot. It makes sense to get yourself a 2017 Honda Pilot as it makes the ideal family SUV for many reasons.

2017 Honda Pilot: Comfortable Seats And Great Cargo Space

If you are looking for a family vehicle, it only makes sense that you look for one that has enough space for your cargo and more importantly, seats that will be comfortable for your whole family. The 2017 Honda Pilot has both. According to report, the 2017 Honda Pilot has three rows of seats that allow for eight people to fit in comfortably. In addition, the 2017 Honda Pilot also has ample cargo space of 83.8 cubic-feet to carry your luggage without compromising the comfort of your family. That being said, the first items on the checklist of an ideal SUV can already be crossed out.

2017 Honda Pilot: Trims And Prices

Needless to say, price is one of the biggest factors that needs to be considered when buying any product and more so when it comes to vehicles as they cost more than the daily commodities. The 2017 Honda Pilot is offered in five trims where you get sweeter deals the higher you go but it would naturally come at a price. The trims start from the base LX followed by the EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite. According to report, the 2017 Honda Pilot has a starting price of $30,595, $33,030, $36,465, $41,670 and $47,070 for the five trims respectively. Sure, the prices seem to be quite higher than the competition but when you consider all the goodies that come with it, the price is certainly worth paying for.

2017 Honda Pilot: What Makes It Good Enough?

The "S" in SUV does not stand for "Sport" without good reasons. The 2017 Honda Pilot is one of the best SUVs you will find in the market not just in the utility aspect but in terms of power as well. The 2017 Honda Pilot is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers 280 horsepower. This is paired with a six-speed standard automatic transmission and an optional nine-speed automatic.

The 2017 Honda Pilot has an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rated fuel economy of 20 and 27 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway for the front wheel drive (FWD) settings. The all-wheel drive (AWD) configuration for the six-speed automatic gearbox on the other hand lowers the rating to 18 and 26 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. The numbers go up again in the nine-speed gearbox with a rating of 19 and 26 miles per gallon in the city and highway as reported.

Given the facts mentioned above regarding the 2017 Honda Pilot's comfortable seats, big cargo space, power and fuel efficiency, the 2017 Honda Pilot is definitely a worthy SUV. Sure, there are many other options out there with more powerful configurations but usually at the cost of something else. The 2017 Honda Pilot on the other hand has combined all the above-mentioned factors into a perfect harmony and that is why the 2017 Honda pilot is an ideal family SUV.

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