MacBook Pro Now Capable Of Backwards Compatibility, Thanks To USB-C

Apple has been making accessories companies very busy working feverishly to create the perfect hub intended for users who are still furious over the new MacBook Pro having only USB-C ports. With that being said, many analysts find it ironic that people are craving change and innovation from Apple, yet moan when the change has been presented.

USB-C Adaptor From SCOSCHE

SCOSCHE Industries is looking forward to easing each and everyone's transition with their new USB-C AV multiport adaptor that features three ports for your peripheral devices. SCOSCHE has started making hubs and adapters ever since USB-C was introduced as the new standard.

According to CultofMac, SCOSCHE was among the very first companies to offer adaptors when Apple, in 2015, officially introduced a new MacBook featuring a single USB-C port.

About USB-C

USB-C has numerous benefits and advantages over the standard USB ports. This includes support of Thunderbolt 3, which offers greater amounts of speed intended for larger data transfers.

But many people still complain, saying that although it's great, what about all the stuff that people have to plug in, like printers, card readers, hard drives, or an extra monitor?

SCHOSHE Hub Price & Functions

The new SCOSCHE hub will be retailing for $59.99 on its website and with selected retailers. According to AppleInsider, it offers plug-ins for three essential functions: One is an HDMI connection, which enables a user to connect an HDMI-enabled TV or 4K monitor or output video content like movies.

A second port is USB-A, intended for those older computer accessories like traditional flash drives. The third port is for USB-C, which allows pass-through charging of MacBooks.

Users can also charge and sync other Apple devices like an iPhone, iPad or iPod.


SCOSCHE has been around ever since the 1980s, starting out its early years as a car audio accessories company. It has since branched out into consumer-based technology with products in more than 50 countries and has produced more than 100 patents and trademarks.

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