Aliens On The Moon: Could Oxygen Be Moved From Earth To The Moon?

Aliens on the moon is believed to need liquid water, energy and organic material to live like mankind. It is believed to be impossible for a life form live on the moon. However, a new research of a top scientist claims otherwise.

The research discovered that oxygen could be transported from earth to the moon. This is during oxygen ions blasts’ from Earth in a five-day period monthly. Solarwinds cover the moon with oxygen ions when it passes the Earth's magnetic shield.

Astrophysicist Kentaro Terada, from Osaka University in Japan said that their new findings suggest that the Earth-Moon system do not only involve physical terms but also chemical elements as well. During the study of lunar rocks in 2006, oxygen content was not consistent to support life. But now scientists suggest that oxygen ions that travel from Earth to the Moon could explain the chemical imbalance.

The Earth’s upper atmosphere is said to contain oxygen ions that are easily lifted by the solar wind and brought to the moon. Scientists suggest that aliens on the moon could possibly exist if the presence of oxygen ion is found there. According to the Daily Star, these are claims of a top scientist that oxygen transported to the moon could show life. Terrada added that maybe some of the oxygen ion that was transported reach the Moon while some of it lost in the interplanetary space.

According to the Daily Express, scientist has given up on looking for aliens on the moon, but this new research shows hope to reopen the investigation. On Earth oxygen and water are the key ingredients to life. During a short period of each time the Moon passes through the Earth’s Magnetic Shield. During this time, the Moon is littered with oxygen from the Earth’s atmosphere. Whether there could possibly be aliens on the Moon, scientists may be close to unveiling it.

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