HIV Elimination Treatment Aimed To Be Completed In 2025

By Irene Guerrero , Feb 01, 2017 02:20 AM EST

The campaign for HIV elimination is aimed to be fulfilled in 2025. The campaign emerged in a time wherein the number of newly-diagnosed HIV infections per year is at its peak. Most HIV infections in this country are contracted by men and bisexual men.

As an example, in Auckland one in every 15 gay and bisexual men is living with HIV. In one of every five of them do not know that they have it. The campaign, called “Ending HIV” that was promoted by the World Heath Organization. It was developed with the assistance from Australian HIV organization ACON.

The NZAF says it offers a combination of tools to prevent HIV transmissions. If the campaign could be executed properly and lead into a successful result, then it is believed that HIV will be eradicated from New Zealand’s gay, bisexual and transgender communities within a generation of 2025. Jason Myers, Executive Director of the NZAF said that if only everyone will embrace the possible ways to prevent HIV transmission, it could possibly lead to the end of HIV transmission in New Zealand.

He added that, condoms are the easiest way to prevent HIV transmissions. HIV is most dangerous when an infected person does not know he has it. It should be a must for gay and bisexual men to get tested twice a year. According to the New Zealand Daily News, the success of the new initiative might be at risk. Since the government health priorities seem to be moving away from HIV.

According to the Scoop, taking and undergoing HIV medications and treatments could reduce the amount of HIV level an infected person has. This could also lead for the HIV to be almost undetected in the blood. This could also decrease the risk of HIV transmission. The HIV elimination may be an ambitious goal by 2025, but it could be possible if only everyone will cooperate with the campaign’s goals.

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