Children’s BMI Can Have Future Implications On Weight

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 02, 2017 01:22 AM EST

Children who are overweight have the possibility of becoming overweight as well as adults. This is the conclusion made by a new research. Children's BMI can have future implications on weight.

Obesity is a health issue that is facing many people. That is now including children as well. This issue is faced by children especially in industrialized nations. Researchers from Europe have followed children's health in eight countries. By following their health, the researchers have shown that the children's BMI could be predicted as well.

The study has followed the health of 4,700 children from their birth until eight years of age. Four measurements of each child has been made to ensure accuracy. All types of children have been included in the study, as noted by Susan Regberg, a lecturer in Nursing at Halmstad University.

BMI development in children first peaks at about nine months since birth. BMI would become the opposite of what has been there at around 6 years old. After that, the study has shown that BMI would slowly go back up again.

Some children do not have much of a change in BMI. The study has shown that such children would have an average BMI development. BMI development could then be tracked if measurements are done at age one and then later at age five, according to Halmstad University's site.

Regber has said that nurses and pediatricians could use the study to see how children would develop over the years. She said that it could also be used as a guide in order to prevent children from gaining excessive weight. She has also observed that childhood obesity if it persists later in life can lead to complications even early on.

Childhood obesity can have early complications such as hypertension and heart disease, as Science Daily reports. Diabetes can also be a complication as a result of childhood obesity. Prevention is still the best solution to remedy the situation for many kids.

Obesity has been a health issue for many countries. Children's BMI can have future implications on weight. The brain hormone for fat loss has also been discovered.

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