Super Mario Run News: New Mode And Event Is Available, Check Out The Details

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 02, 2017 12:00 PM EST

Nintendo just updated Super Mario Run. The developer made sure that the event will make the game more interesting. Also, there is a new game mode that will help the players win and survive Mario's challenging world.

Easy Mode Has Been Introduced To Super Mario Run

Easy mode has been added to Super Mario Run. According to Engadget, the new mode will let the players have unlimited lives. The players will not run out of bubbles once they have chosen to turn on easy mode in the game.

In the normal mode of Super Mario Run, the players must be mindful of their lives because their bubbles are limited. Nintendo also removed the time limit in the game. But if the players want to be challenged, then, they can still play in harder levels in the game.

However, there is one catch about the easy mode of Super Mario Run. The players can only use the easy mode when they have ran out of bubbles in a single level. Also, they cannot get the special coins in the level they have been playing when using this mode.

Golden Goomba In Super Mario Run

As per VG247, the Golden Goomba event will bring Goombas to the World Tour mode. The first thing that the players must keep in mind is that they must finish the Kingdom Builder tutorial in Super Mario Run before the creatures show up.

If the players have defeated a single Goomba, they will earn 30 bonus coins. The players need to complete the stamp card because they can receive a special building that they can use in Kingdom Builder mode. The event will be available until Feb. 20.

Fans of Super Mario Run are ecstatic when they learned that easy mode is available in the game. Also, the Golden Goomba event will give them additional coins that they need in order to purchase some items in the game. Hopefully, the players will still be interested once the event is finished.

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