Diablo 3 News: New Patch Will Be Released; What Are The Upcoming Features To Be Added?

Finaly, Blizzard will be releasing the latest patch for Diablo 3. The players are overjoyed because they have been waiting for this update for quite some time now. Also, the Reaper of Souls DLC will be upgraded and certain bug fixes will be included.

What Is New With Diablo 3?

According to MMORPG, the patch v2.5 will consist of two new exciting features called Armory and crafting materials. The former can be changed automatically. This means that the players can change immediately the gears and skills they are using.

The players can now save five gear builds with the upcoming patch on Diablo 3. All they have to do is to take a picture of their gears, gems, active or passive skills and Kanai's cube powers. The next exciting feature is called crafting mat storage.

The inventory of their crafted materials will be on a separate tab to give more space for the next items that the players will be collecting soon. The players can access the separate tab on a different inventory window.

Other Features Included In v2.5

As per Game Revolution, Diablo 3 has a more balanced game than before. The Adventure mode has improved. This means that the difficulty level has been changed whenever the players decide to participate in public games.

Listed in the official site, the legendary items have been adjusted. Rimeheart has increased its effects by freezing its targets from 10 percent to 20 percent. The Strongarm Bracers is more useful because the damage bonus is applied when knockback happens.

Other than that, some items and Crusader classes have been improved in Diablo 3. Blizzard wants the game to provide better gameplay to the players. That is the reason why the developer is updating the game.

Hopefully, players will be able to appreciate what Blizzard has done with Diablo 3. The developer wants nothing but the best for the loyal players of the game. Maybe this is a preparation for the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC.

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