Taiwan To Implement Ban On Animal Euthanasia

By Jose Paolo Calcetas , Feb 03, 2017 06:43 AM EST

Taiwan is set to add another law to its constitution. This law does not focus on solving crimes or maintaining peace and order, but the total ban of euthanasia for animals all over their country. This comes almost a year after a local veterinarian named Chien Chih-Cheng allegedly ‘euthanised’ herself after being grief-stricken with the plight and suffering of the animals under her care at the shelter for abandoned dogs located in Taoyuan City.

Winnie Lai, one of Chien’s colleagues, referred to the late vet as very passionate when it comes to her profession. She said that Chien often worked beyond designated hours to ensure that animals under her care would be comfortable. Chien would even rarely take her lunch on time and gave up her holidays to give her dogs more attention so that she can make their lives more comfortable.

The BBC reports that Chien is a graduate of Taiwan’s top university. She was also reported to have obtained the highest score in a civil service examination. With Chien’s achievements, she is very much qualified for a desk job position at head office. However, she decided to personally foster many pets abandoned in Taiwan annually.

On May 5, 2015, Chien used the same drug for euthanizing animals to take her own life. According to reports, her action was supposed to serve as a means to help people understand further the situations of abandoned animals in Taiwan. She even decorated the shelter’s lobby with pictures of animals she drew personally to encourage adoption and save them from being put down. For the past two years, Chien was reported to have euthanized more than 700 dogs, Yahoo UK reports.

Last year, unlike the sorry fate of Chien’s dogs, Wang Sicong, son of a real estate billionaire, bought an iPhone 7for his pet dog, Coco. Though it is one of the most famous pets on Weibo, Coco’s lavish lifestyle stirred an outrage from the public. However, Wang seemed unaffected by his bashers and continued showering his pet with lavish items.

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