Donald Trump On Hair Loss Drug, Doctor Reveals

US President Donald Trump's longtime physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, has revealed that the president takes hair loss drug among other medications in a phone interview. The president is also said to be on antibiotics that treat a skin condition and a statin to reduce the chances of developing heart attacks.

The hair loss drug Propecia contains the active agent finasteride and was originally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for enlarged prostate glands in men, but it could also be applied to treating receding hairline or baldness in older men.

The two other medications President Trump is said to be using are a statin for controlling blood lipids and cholesterol, and antibiotics to manage rosacea, a common skin problem that causes skin redness.

Critics Slam Dr. Bornstein For Commenting On Trump's Health

Although Dr. Bornstein revealed he'd not seen nor treated his patient since he became the new US president some weeks back, a senior official in the White House slammed the physician that he was not authorized to publicly comment on the president's health status, CNN reports.

However, critics are of the opinion that President Trump deliberately failed to mention his use of hair loss drugs during his campaign, a declaration that could have impacted on his electoral gains. While Donald Trump actually stated during an interview with Dr. Oz on TV that he was on daily aspirin and a low dose of statin for his heart, it seemed he intentionally left out mentioning the hair loss and rosacea drugs, the Washington Post reasoned.

President Trump Is Not Going Bald Anytime Soon

The issue of the drugs President Trump is using is a matter of national concern considering the fact that he is the oldest person to ever become US president at age 70, while the closest contender for the position, Hillary Clinton, had been advised to step down from the presidential race when the issue of her ailing health became a public debate.

Dr. Bornstein clarified that President Trump is not going bald or anything, but the hair loss drug would definitely boost the growth of hair on his scalp among other benefits such as cutting down the chances of prostate cancer.

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