San Francisco Cafe X; World’s Initial Coffee Emporium By Robots

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 03, 2017 08:27 AM EST

Cafe X is an advanced coffee shop, which is run by the first barista robot. The coffee shop is available in Hong Kong and San Francisco, which officially opened today.

The coffee shop is a hybrid café, where an arm robot machine created by Mitsubishi is serving and brewing variants of coffee like lattes, cappuccinos and espresso. It has collaborated with WMF, an international provider of high-quality cooking materials and household goods.

The CEO, Henry Hu, has always been a big coffee lover and because of his passion for coffee, the concept shop was created. "But the waiting time, especially here in San Francisco, is often too long. I created Cafe X with the idea to speed up the process and ensure the same quality of an espresso at a bar," he added.

According to the Coffeetarian, compared to the coffee made by humans, which usually take a few minutes to prepare, the robot coffee shop only needs a minute to prepare and serve the aroma-drink. The robot concept made everything fast and easy.

The customers are given seven options to choose from the flavors of coffee, which is listed on an iPad. Those listed on the smart device will also be available at the kiosk, as noted on Fortune.

The moment the customer prefers to order coffee using a smart device, a four-digit code will be sent as a text message to the customer. Then, the customer will enter the code on the robot's kiosk. Afterward, the coffee will be served in less than a minute.

Once done, the robot arm will take the cup of coffee from the warming station's shelf, which is parallel to a vending machine and customers can now pick up the order. However, the Café X robot can keep a drink warm for only up to eight minutes.


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